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  • Addo Elephant Park for the best Elephant viewing in the world. Experience this unique guided game drive.
  • A Day Visit to Schotia Safaris includes the Tooth and Claw (Lions) Experience.
  • Elephant Walk Safaris where you can walk right next to elephants and experience the true South African Wildlife Sensation!
  • Deep Sea Fishing tours from the local harbour in Port Elizabeth.
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  • Canopy Tree Top Tour in a indeginous forest about 140km from base camp.
  • This is an Eco-reserve where you can stroll through natural surroundings and experience indigenous antilope and plant species in their natural habitat.


All elephant herds in Africa and on Private Game Reserves have been handled by men, good or bad. The saying that elephants never forget has been proven over and over by the many bad experiences people and rangers have witnessed.

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Addo’s herds have been rescued by the founding of the park 75 years ago.

Since the very aggressive original animals had passed away and the world famous Dr Anthony Hall-Martin being the head ranger of Addo for many years, taught our Elephants to be ‘people friendly’.

This is the only place in the world where you can be amongst a herd off elephants within hand reach and have nothing to fear.

Therefore Addo offers the Best Elephant viewing in the world.

We have the most knowledgeable professional guide to Addo. Elephant viewing in Addo, different to all other national parks and reserves, is the best during the heat of the day.


Guests leave for the Elephant Back Safari about 8:00am, following the historical oxwagen trail up and over the Zuurberg Mountains, where you will be introduced to the 3 orphan Elephants. Here you are welcomed by Walter and his skilled team who will teach you all about these gentle giants while you touch and feed them.

Afterwards you mount the 3 elephants for a bare-back ride through the bush, then walking at an easy pace with the elephants through beautiful indigenous yellow wood forests to their famous waterhole. While having lunch and refreshments on the beautiful shaded deck, you watch them enjoying themselves in the mud and water.


This is more for the first time visitor to South Africa and Africa with limited time to see as much wildlife in the shortest time possible. Schotia pioneered wildlife reserves in the malaria-free Eastern Cape during the last decade.

All the other reserves followed, but Schotia still have what all the other Big 5 Games Reserves do not have and that is: the Addo Elephants and the best pride of free-range lions in the Cape.

Guests depart from the Lodge at 10h00 with an experienced guide. Lunch is enjoyed at Lenmore Farm Stall.

You then depart to Schotia Private Game Reserve where you are welcomed and enjoy tea. From here you are transferred to open top game-viewers for a proper bush safari.

During the afternoon your guide will search for all the animals that you will not see in Addo Elephant Park like Giraffe, White Rhino, Crocodile, Hippo to name a few. You are guaranteed a Lion sighting - if not during the afternoon, definitely on your night drive.

After your afternoon safari you retire to the Lapa (outdoor dining area) for a traditional open fire cooked dinner. Departing after dinner with a short night drive to see all the nocturnal animals, birds and cats, before returning to the lodge at about 22h00. This is excellent value for money including all transfers, two meals and local beverages and 3 game-drives.

PUMBA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE - Full day experience

Pumba is our latest addition to Big 5 Game Reserves in the Eastern Cape.

Guests are fetched from the Lodge at 08h30. An hours drive through the Valley to Pumba. Here you will do an open top safari split by lunch.

Pumba is famous for its white lion pride and spectacular buffalo bulls.

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Daniell Cheetah Breeding project was established in May 2001 and started with just three cats. It has since grown with breeding, purchase and swapping of animals.

The aim of this project is to play a part in the conservation of Cheetah's (Acinonyx jabatus), the re-establishment of pure gene lines, as well as educating people to the importance of conserving this amazing species.

The cheetah project offers a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience where visitors do not only get an interesting, personalized tour, but actually get to interact with the animals. Visitors are encouraged to touch the cheetahs and have photographs with some of them. We believe this opens people's eyes to the importance of the Cheetah's conservation.

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The tour begins with a detailed safety briefing followed by a “kitting up” session where full body harness, pulleys and climbing equipment is put on an checked. A short drive into the Tsitsikamma forest and it is time to monkey around!

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From the start on the launch platform a new world unforlds as one gently glides on a steel cable to the first tree platform. All groups are escorted through the forest canopy by a lead guide and a follow guide to ensure your safety as you slide from tree to tree.

The platforms, built high up in the giant Outeniqua Yellowwoods, provide an unbelievable view of this enchanting new world – any fear of heights is soon lost as you gather in your new surroundings.

Spend a couple of minutes relaxing while your guides enthusiastically explain the ecology of the forest – pointing out different trees and the magnificent giant ferns way below.The bird life is incredible. Knysna Loeries, sightings of he elusive Narina Trogon and the Samago monkey are not uncommon. The Tstitsikamma Canopy Tour consists of ten platforms and ten “fufi” slides, the longest of which is 80m!

About 3 hours later your exit the forest, having undertaken the journey of a lifetime. You have contributed to the creation of new jobs and are helping the forest regeneration project.