Book your flight via Johannesburg or Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth where a Professional hunter will meet you for the start of your dream African hunting safari.

Legislation changed in 2004 for the importation of your own firearm.

In order to alleviate any import/export delays, we suggest you take advantage of the use of our firearms.

Should you prefer to use your own firearm, a temporary import permit will be arranged.

We have available calibers in .30-06, .308 and .300 Magnum at $25 USD per day and $3 per round of ammunition. Magnum ammo at $4 per round of ammunition.

Should you prefer to use your own firearm you will have to obtain a Temporary Import Permit.

You have two options to do this:
• Complete the forms yourself or
• Make use of a Meet and greet service for incoming hunters, where you are met directly off your flight, permit in hand and ready to go.

Use the following links for these services: Hunter Support website

We suggest that you make use of this type of service. It does save you time and effort when you need to catch a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth.


Follow the information and links below to complete the application forms:

You will need to download SAP 520 form - use this link: SAP 520 form.

Study all the information on how to complete the SAP 520 form at the following link: Information for Importation of Firearms.

Additional useful information from South African Airways: SAA Carriage of firearm and ammunition.

A selection of rifles are available to rent at $25 per day and $2 per round of ammunition.

* hunting handguns welcome